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Title: You Don't Have to be Crazy Dead to Work Here (But It Helps).
Part: 20b/22
Author: Jashyr
Genre: Horror/Black Comedy
Word Count: 50,000
Disclaimer: These characters are mine. They live in my head and make me do crazy things like entering NaNoWriMo...
Rating: PG-13? Probably.
Warnings: Some gore. Written for NaNoWriMo last year and while it has been re-edited the punctuation police are still looking at it suspiciously.

Folding of Yorkshire-based Holt Facilities Management Spells Disaster For Reapmore Cryostorage

By Marcus Scott
Yorkshire Tribune Business Editor

EUROPEAN investment bank ASMAA has taken over the running of Reapmore Cryostorage after the collapse of Reapmore’s recent purchase, support specialist Holt Facilities Management.

ASMAA had managed the £9.6m deal to buy out Holt less than six months ago and with its collapse - some say due to the erratic dealings of the former owner - James Holt, an EGM held last night approved the repossession of Holt’s assets. The money had been raised to complete the transaction amid a period of unprecedented turbulence on the global financial markets and this appears to have been a bad omen for the buyout.

UK chief executive Will Adams, who has now been put in place as Reapmore’s new overall financial controller, led ASMAA’s deal advisory team. Adams commented: "Reapmore had been a fantastic success story. If it had not been for this lamentable takeover bid I’m sure it would have been going strong. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the possibility that the collapse of Holt Facilities Management was due to employees opposed to the takeover but those responsible will be found and if any impropriety is discovered they shall be handed over to the financial regulators or even the authorities if the situation warrants a full investigation.”

Formerly known as the Reapmort Cryostorage Group, Reapmore provides cold storage support services across the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Its rumoured involvement with the scandal hit US based Cryonic Life Extension Institute has been thoroughly refuted by Reapmore’s CEO, Grace Charles.

Yorkshire-based Holt Facilities Management was established in 1979 and specialised in service delivery to the catering and process sectors. The company refocused the business on its core contract provisioning skills in 2004 and 2005 but had staffing problems after a disastrous company outing led to the deaths of twelve of their financial staff. Police have reopened that case which had originally been assumed a tragic accident as recent events have brought into suspicion the actions of the former owner James Holt.
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