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In the cutthroat world of business you have to be ruthless to survive, especially with the credit crunch and other companies falling down around you. If you need low skilled, low cost employees why not contact Reapmore? Our undead employees have a range of useful skills from touch typing to manual labour. Requiring little maintenance, our reanimination process can successfully return any staff lost to you by fatalities at a competitive cost. The return on investment in retraining alone is often enough for the newly undead employee to pay for his or herself.

If you require any further information please visit our website or ring our sales desk where our dedicated staff will be happy to help.

Please note: any escape attempts or fatalities caused by undead employees due to improper use of safety equipment or refusal to follow correct reanimation procedures will render the warrantee null and void and may lead to fatalities among the living workforce.

'Reap more profits! Reap more benefits! Trust Reapmore!"

Chapter One - Desperately Seeking Management Approval
Chapter Two - Meetings and Other Forms of Torture
Interlude A - In Memoriam
Chapter Three - The Death of an Accountant
Chapter Four - A Change of Business Plan
Chapter Five - The End of the Financial World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Interlude B - Community News
Chapter Six - Of Fractals And Pentagrams
Chapter Seven - We're All Going on an Autumn Holiday
Interlude C - Traffic News
Chapter Eight - There But For The Grace Of God Go I
Chapter Nine - The Few, the Brave, the Redundant
Chapter Ten - No Peace For the Wicked
Interlude D - Business News
Chapter Eleven - Burning Down the House
Chapter Twelve - Party Manners and Other Unnatural Things
Interlude E - BBC Radio Yorkshire. Six o’clock news
Chapter Thirteen - The Dinner Dance of the Living Dead
Chapter Fourteen - Breaking and Entering in Reverse
Interlude F - BBC Radio Yorkshire. Ten o’clock news
Chapter Fifteen - A Man's Gotta Contract Out What A Man's Gotta Do
Chapter Sixteen - The Truth About Contractors
Chapter Seventeen - In The Dark
Interlude G - Press Release
Chapter Eighteen - Never Underestimate The Fickleness of Sheer Bloodyminded Fate
Chapter Nineteen -  Where No Sane Person Has Gone Before
Chapter Twenty - Witch Hunt
Interlude H - Business News
Chapter Twenty One - Payback Is A Bitch
Chapter Twenty Two - Meet The New Boss, Not Quite The Same As The Old Boss

I do hereby swear that I will finish posting the entire novel by the end of April.
Definately April.
Stop Laughing
Really, really it will be done by then...

I officially suck at time management

Yes, actually finished. Woohoo!


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