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Title: You Don't Have to be Crazy Dead to Work Here (But It Helps).
Part: 0/22
Author: Jashyr
Genre: Horror/Black Comedy
Word Count: 50,000
Disclaimer: These characters are mine. They live in my head and make me do crazy things like entering NaNoWriMo...
Rating: PG-13? Probably.
Warnings: Some gore. Written for NaNoWriMo last year and while it has been re-edited the punctuation police are still looking at it suspiciously.


Reapmore Cryogenics's takeover of Yorkshire-Based Holt Facilities Management Wins Management Approval at EGM

Marcus Scott, Yorkshire Tribune Business Editor

EUROPEAN investment bank Asmaa has successfully completed Reapmore Cryogenic’s takeover of support specialist Holt Facilities Management, after conducting a £10m capital raising to fund the purchase.

Reapmort’s management approved the £9.6m deal at an EGM held today.

Asmaa raised the money to complete the transaction amid a period of unprecedented turbulence on the global financial markets.

The deal advisory team was led by UK chief executive, Will Adams, who has been retained as Reapmore's financial adviser.

Adams commented: "Reapmore is a fantastic success story. It has been turned from a loss-making manufacturing business in 2000 into a profitable and diverse engineering company, operating in highly resilient sectors.

"The fact that we were able to raise such a significant sum of money in such a difficult climate is testament to Reapmore's strength and vision for the future. The enlarged group will now move forward from a market-leading position."

Formerly known as the Reapmort Cryostorage Group, Reapmore provides cold storage support services across the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Its rumoured involvement with the scandal hit US based Cryonic Life Extension Institute has been thoroughly refuted by Reapmore’s CEO, Grace Charles.

Yorkshire-based Holt Facilities Management was established in 1979 and specialises in delivering services to the catering and process sectors. The company has seen its turnover and pre-tax profit triple since it refocused the business on its core contract provisioning skills in 2004 and 2005.

The company is a strong geographical fit for Reapmore in the North East and Barrow, providing access to the NHS, MoD and government markets.



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